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Lake Trasimene


After losing the Battle of Trebia River, Roman forces began preparing for an assult on Rome itself. Hannibal had other plans for now. Roman Consul Gaius Flaminius set out for Rome, but was passed up along the way by Hannibals army. Hannibal set up shop in the hills along Lake T rasimene, and waited for Flaminius.


When Flaminius' army got within spitting distance of the hills, Hannibal attacked. This surprise was able to keep the Romans from getting in their traditional attack formation; therefore, making them easier to defeat. Of the 25,000 troops that Rome started with, about 15,000 were killed, including Flaminius, whose body was never found. A small group of Romans escaped, but not many.

When news of the defeat reached Rome, they elected Quintus Fabius Maximus consul and started the "Fabian" policy of avoiding major battles with Hannibal.