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Death of Hannibal


After his defeat at Zama in 202 B.C., Hannibal traveled the world looking for kings that would give him an army to launch another assault on Rome. Likewise, the Romans never gave up pursuit of Hannibal.

After signing the peace treaty after the Battle of Zama, Hannibal stayed in Carthage to help with the reconstruction process. After years of helping, Rome decided he was still a liability and demanded his capture. He fled and went on the run for years. Finally in 182 B.C., as Roman troops were closing in on him, he decided death was better then capture and drank poison to commit suicide.

From 218 B.C. to 202 B.C, Hannibal scoured the Roman countryside and threatened Rome like no other had ever done. He struck fear into their hearts and terror into their minds. He will forever be remembered, not only for marching the elephants through the Alps, but for pushing Rome to its limit; one man against Rome.